Monday, 23 July 2012

The spawn of Logos Quiz - Football Logo Quiz, Font Quiz et al

There seems to have been a shift in popular trends, suddenly the quiz, the simple old idea of guessing the name of a logo, has been given a new lease of life and is taking the app world by storm!
It's not only corporate logos like Mcdonalds and Amazon either, we're not fussy, and the original Logos Quiz that came out back in April 2012 has spawned both lookalike and similarly popular apps.

2012 Football Logos Quiz for example is currently number 1 in the UK app store, it doesn't even have any English premier league teams! Font quiz, where the aim is to guess where a letter of a certain font belongs to which logo, is a close second in the apple app store. Neither of these are a crazy new idea, but yet people are lapping it up.

With the popularity of these quizzes has also come a new breed of webpage. The 'answer' sites, the sites dedicated to bringing you the answer to every level of your Logo Quiz app or Font Quiz app.
2012 Football Logo Quiz Answers site
Of course cheat websites aren't a new concept, but 'app' cheat websites are. Never before has there been such a saturation of these type of websites that give you the app answers, or such competition between the websites that somehow get the answers to you before the app even comes out?!

I have covered my opinion on why these app answers websites are so popular and why we may cheat here, I want to look now at the crazy world of website competition. These webmasters have no remorse, they will scan the web looking for their competition and try to destroy them. Deleting forum posts that may give others an advantage, disliking their competitions perfectly acceptable Yahoo answer incase they get a good link from it, copying content from their competitor and using it as their own.
This virtual battle field is tough to crack, but if you can win, the rewards can be great. Masses of traffic to your site, advertisers knocking on your door, just because you were able to guess a few corporate or football logos before them and get them on the internet.

It's big business, a lot is being put into it, but where will it go next? How long can the logo quiz wave keep going, is there an infitate amount of logos in the world to guess? Or is this just the beginning, the shift to old skool gaming has arrived, generation Z is now playing the same games their grandparents likely played but now its digitally and they can get the answers on the click of a button.

Only time will tell, but for now, Summer 2012 will be dominated by these type of apps, and for those of you who are also addicted, here are my tips on the best answer sites around right now. If you have any more to add please post in comment box.

You may be interested in having the Logo Quiz Answers.

For 2012 Football Logo Quiz answers:

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