Monday, 16 March 2015

94% would agree, it's been a while

It's been a very long while, in fact over a year since the last blog post. Ooops. Suppose there hasn't been much to write about, Google has only changed their algorithm about a billion times and there has only been maybe a few thousand new apps to play with on the App Store and Google playstore.
But to be honest, none of that has interested me.... until now.

Everyday I cruise the app store looking for something new and fun to play, and its been the same old boring '80's style' we are so cool and retro games there, backed by big companies to get them up there in the top 10, booooooring!

But recently a few have caught my eye. I admit, one of them is a big name game, Wally & Friends, but it's nostalgic ok!

The others, 94% and AA are great, addictive and why I love the app store. Both totally simple games to play, easy graphics, small time devs, but just lovely all round package.

I am especially keen on the 94Percent game, such a simple premise, it's basically, do you think the same as 94% of the world population think, most of the time the answer is no, it's super frustrating but so so good and completely addictive! Makes you questionand think about so much.

Sometimes too addictive mind you, which makes me happy for sites like this 94 answers site because I think my brain might explode otherwise!

The AA games greatness also lies in its simplicity, it's kind of like digital darts but even more simple. Throw the line, make sure you don't hit another line, the end. It is 100 percent not as easy at it sounds! I wish there was somehow a cheat for this also but it's impossible, I think most of the time it is luck.

So that's a run down of the latest games I think are noteworthy, none of this Angry Birds crap, lets help the poor developers, why should all the big wigs keep making all the money just becuase they can afford the PR.

I downloaded all these games from the app store.

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